” We should have something to contribute to our people and let our people know we can do the same thing that everyone else can do.”

7434 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA Good Neighborhood Grocery Store

This is what Owner Fatz said to local news reporters in an interview as he sat in the gas station that he and his fiance Colisha Hicks own, located at 7434 Tara Blvd. Jonesboro, GA.

So why is this statement and store opening so important for the community? Located in predominantly black city of Jonesboro, GA, a metro Atlanta city situated less then 15 minutes away from the always busy Hartsfield Jackson Interntional Airport, home of Coca Cola and the city  where they filmed classic film ” GONE WITH THE WIND” ( which some may argue romanticized slavery). This is also a place where the same people who are the majority population does not often see someone who resembles them owning brick-mortar businesses. The powerful example set by the owners of this establishment is the firm beginning of dispelling those negative stereotypes that have for far too long plagued the capabilities of the  black population here in the United States when it comes to business. Will there be more black owned gas stations and businesses like it? Answer – YES


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